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Seasonal Bounty Takes Edge off Covid 19

“It is indeed a delight to watch the seasonal trees blossom. Flowers are a sign of hope,”

“This year is not like previous years. This year I am not a free bird anymore who can roam around the city to experience the seasonal blooms which are going to fade soon. Feeling miserable though, I was able to gaze through the window at a ‘Golden shower tree’ which is in full bloom,”

A majority of the seasonal trees were planted around fifteen years ago that line the roads of the city today. The vivid colours of the flowers surely brings hope and happiness to the tired souls. In fact they are a sight for aching eyes despite the lockdown causing gloom among many people.

I pray that these blooms bring extra joy, happiness and positivity in the lives of depressed citizens. May we humanity win and the vibrancy bounce back in the world.

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