Soul n Spirit

Sign Language: A blessing


It would be a sign language. There will be no unnecessary talking with tongue. It can be given some rest since I would be rely on manual communication. Just few actions along with body language  to convey my thoughts / views, that’s all. Voila ! How interesting ! Wordy has showered his blessings on me. Woke up today with this new linguistic skills and now I am able to speak with them. You want to know who they are?

They are God’s special children……the blessed ones, those who can see, walk, feel, eat, drink like us but cannot hear or speak the way we do. Good for them.  Sounding weird? Come on think of it, at least they do not indulge in baseless egoistic conversations. No back biting  or boring social talks disturb their peace of mind. No regrets as they don’t hurt people by using harsh tones. Neither these innocent souls hear rubbish nor do they speak for sake of it.

I am able to understand their dreams, aspirations and fears. They are my new friends speaking out their hearts, together we would be singing a song. What fun we are going to have ! Learn the skills and take that, Rosetta 🙂

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