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Seems slowing down is the need of the hour

Soul has no respite, the spirit is going sour

Running after the success, working like zombies  

 As if you would miss out on life’s big trophies

 How long have you worked for Grammys or Oscars

  King size ambitions will make you a greedy  monster

  Take a pause, let not miss on life’s simple pleasures

  Where is the hurry? Despite you’ve limited hours

A gentle kiss, a smile, a peck on the cheek,

A warm tight hug, an encouraging tweak,

Watching the most beautiful sunset, hand in hand,

The sound of waves, tall palm trees, shining sand

 The aroma of steamed rice, freshly baked bread

Love, laughter in the air, sharing food with a friend

How will you not appreciate these tiny delights?

 Only if you stop living for the glittering noisy nights.   

Let these tiny joys fill your life with bliss and gratitude

A great life is nothing but noticing the divine magnitude

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