Fill The Frame: Bold and Bright

Sometimes, a subject is so striking you want it to be the only thing in your image.  This is precisely the topic of this week’s  A photo a Week Challenge: Fill The Frame These flowers and leaves in my garden look so bold and sharp in colors and are perfect for this theme. Gerbera flowers […]

Popping Up Pills would be a Worst Nightmare

I would surely go for a pill to increase my work efficiency if not for nutrition. My hands are full with work. There are days when I do just nothing and then all of a sudden I’m deeply involved into planning and excetution of events. Neither I’m bad at multi tasking nor this is the […]

A Photo a Week Challenge: Muted Colors

Color is an important part of photography. Some images work best with over-saturated colors; some work best with no colors (I love good black and white photographs). For this week’s challenge, I found a picture that I really liked, but was over-exposed. When I started working on it, I realized that if I muted the […]