State of the Year: I WISH……

Life itself is a big challenge. Do we need more? To deal with it and emerged out as a winner is an achievement. Well, as far as the state of my year is concerned, this year is definitely not shaping up as one of my special years though the other half is still remaining. This […]

Is that a perfect Dunk ? – Motion (Weekly Photo Challenge)

I love to watch my sons playing basketball. They both are storehouse of energy and I am amazed to see how young ones are so flexible and light on their toes. One fine day I caught them trying for a perfect dunk after watching their favorite players on NBA. They love NBA like crazy and […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

“Great love and great achievement involves great risks.” says Dalai Lama. Achievement always need courage and hard work.  Imagine it,  Believe it, Achieve it…… is the mantra of life. It requires indomitable spirit and soul filled with passion to take risk to achieve greater glory in life.  Jubilant para trooper enjoying his moment of achievement after a perfect landing.