From driving fun-sized Ferraris to experiencing the miniature versions of the park’s most iconic rides, this place can entertain you for hours. We had a great time in Ferrari World theme park, one of the world’s most unique theme parks located in Abu Dhabi. It is literally a home to the fastest rollercoaster on the […]

Lusturous Lion at Lovure, Abu Dhabi

Few months back I got the opportunity to visit Louvre, art & civilisation museum located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The museum was initially established with the aim to showcase the artworks from different parts of the world but soon it became the world renowned venue to tell the story of cultural exchange and dialogue. It […]


WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: TRANSITION  Major change or minor adjustment, transitions are a constant. Let life itself be your muse. There is nothing permanent except change.” Heraclitus When I look at these pics I captured during one of my hikes to a plateau not far from my house, I realized that life and nature changes every […]

Trio & Travel

I travel on roads with my camera and whenever there is any interesting triplet subject I press the click button. I realized over a period of time there were many pics showing three objects/ people in my archives. Today I’m finding it so good to share all these pics fit for this week’s theme Trio  […]


To me ornate is elaborate, extravagant, an intricate shape or a embellished object. I was in awe with the grandeur and aura of Chillipam monastery in Tenga in Tawang district, India. Beautiful ! Isolated, wild, peaceful…. these adjectives came to my mind as I admired this ornately designed gompa. Look at the patterns, the details, […]

Nearly naked Tribals singing in the Rain

Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015 – 28 Today is wednesday. Another fresh prompt to write. The moment I saw the topic “Nearly Naked”  I was reminded of Naga Tribes Whom I met in Nagaland during one of their festivals. I somehow didn’t find a suitable theme to post them. Today seems to be the perfect day […]


It’s Halloween toady an evening before All Saints Day Children are all set to play trick- or- treating in their own way As the land begins to die, it is a festival of dying year When the days are shorter and the nights colder The leaves fall and the witchy creatures are out I am […]

Carefully Woven Live Root Bridges of Meghalaya

They are live, gain strength each day, marvel of nature, bless the tribals, live in perfect harmony and pride of Meghalaya. Yes, I am talking about the centuries old live root bridges which is a tribal art of carefully manipulating the roots of a tree into a live bridge, basically for the commuting purpose to […]

I am Back ! Feel like Flangiprop

Hello everyone. I’m back with bag full of memories. Memories of the family pilgrimage. It was one crazy trip n terms of traveling we have done. We travelled almost 3500 km. within a week and covered six  Jyotirlingam temples of Lord Shiva, started from western India, travelled towards south India ( Andhra Pradesh) and finally […]

How about nature, adventure and Photography ?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Habits My father told me once,” Man is known by the company he keeps.” to which I asked, ” How do I make sure my company is good and I don’t end up landing in a wrong company? “ “Cultivate good habits ! ” he replied immediately. ” If you have […]