Wednesday Wisdom

Looking at this beautiful brass urli filled with water, rose petals floating on it made me think about human existence. Flowers remain beautiful despite they are plucked from the tree and further the petals are separated for various purposes like decorations, making perfumes, food garnishing, and offering to God. The petals mix their scent in […]

Gone are those Days

Notebook is a thing of the past. Who maintains it? Vanished somehow Online schools are having classrooms on Google, Microsoft, Teams now Where are those students who took pride to fill them up? With their well-written essays, artistic illustrations, and maths projects Covered neatly with brown paper, index marked with page number, Now the solid […]


We don’t celebrate the Halloween festival in India on such a large scale as in the USA. The pumpkin decoration, outdoor and indoor set up based on Halloween is a treat to watch on social media, with beautiful content coming from western countries. I did a bit of decoration last year so sharing the same […]


Whenever I am traveling I make sure that I don’t go to the famous and run of the mill spots rather I would like to explore the local markets, street bazars and especially the market which falls near the famous temples or historic places. The handicrafts, artifacts, garments and daily life commodities displays the cultural […]

Rise and Bounce Back !

Are you ready to bounce back today? Do feel like doing the same thing with full vigour? Feeling as if you have lost your stamina, will and purpose because you were too hard on yourself initially? Or probably you are just churning out the same stuff without getting any pleasure out of it.Not to worry. […]

No dissapointment

Who says boys can’t cook as efficiently    as girls? My son tried cheese burst pizza with lots of cheese and chicken salami toppings and it was so delicious ! He made the dough on his own, prepared his own base sauce and loaded it with herbs. It was a big hit and we were so […]