The More The Merrier……Got a New Award !

Better late than never……Before its too late let me take this opportunity to thank my friend and fellow blogger Saya…D..Poet for nominating me for Sisterhood of the world Award.  Since I was off blogging for a week and couldn’t get time to do the needful therefore today I am here to show my gratitude to her. […]

Well, Check this………

Hello Friends, Today India is celebrating  Vijayadashmi or Dusherra, most important Hindu festival celebrated in various forms across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. a mark of victory of Good over Evil. Lord Rama symbolizes Good and ten headed demon King Ravana is considered as evil. Read more on this topic in my next post. […]

Another Award, Premio dardos !

Premio dardos !  WOW ! Here is one more coming my way . This award is given  for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. This award is so special to me and so the person who gave me this honor….. a very special  and […]

WOW ! Here Comes My Award !

Awards are always welcomed and when you get one for your creativity, spirits or your thoughts then it becomes all the more special. I am so happy and honored to receive this award, surely it is going to encourage me to write well and share more. I am very much thankful to sweetkannoth  of  The […]


Firstly let me share this with you all….. During last five days while I was extremely busy doing up my new house I missed this wonderful world of WordPress badly. So many times I tried publishing a post or catching up new posts on the reader but could not do so because of shifting to […]