If I had a Hammer: I would repair broken hearts


Well ! Well ! Now we are gonna acquire some skills to please wordy, right? As if this the only thing which was left…. not discussed under the earth and without it our great prompts collection would not have completed. Better learn skills to be flashed on the dp grid, okay ! What does wordpress want us to do? Huh !

Anyway If ever I had a hammer with me I would have loved to fix the depressing heart issues. People suffer from so much of agony & pain when their hearts are broken in love. They become unconsolable if someone cheats on them. It is not everybody’s cup of tea to undergo the pain of betrayal.

A person dies everyday with sorrow and dejection so I would try my best to repair those sad hearts to soothe the depressed souls.

I would try to give them HOPE & DREAMS TO LIVE AND LOVE. That’s all I can think as a Soul whose spirits are high.

Daring Do: A helping hand

I rescued a girl from the dangerous situation

She fallen in love with whom she thought  

He was an angel but was actually a demon

She trusted him, loved blindly, never fought

He had evil intentions, deeds worth summon

Poor girl had no clue to what misery he brought

By the time she knew, she was totally shaken

Betrayal shook her, alone, totally distraught


I came to know about it, pained, called on

Looking at her agony I decided to sought

The going gets tough soft options beckon

Pulled her from the sorrow, dire darkest past 

Myself being a spirited soul she could reckon

I made her learn simple rules of life I thought

When life gives you lemons, make Lemonade

Today she is an emotional yet strong woman ! 

She loves but not blindly, yes she is a poet……


The DP Prompt: Daring Do

The Woman Of Big Deeds


PHOTO CREDITS : http://trablogger.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/indian-railway-1/

The following work of flash fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger Jithin of Pho Trablogger . The picture of the train seat that you see above is his creative photography which inspired  my friend  and another fellow blogger Sweety of https://sweetykannoth.wordpress.com to write a short storyA seat by the window’ related to this image. I read it and liked it so much that I decided to continue with the creative chain of Flash-Fiction Story. Here is my contribution and I am starting from where Sweety’s story ends.

The night was dark, the train kept on running on the tracks halting shortly on the stations fell enroute. Many passengers boarded in while few of them got down and lost in the mist. Lolita was still numb, shattered, unable to climb up the upper birth for a nap at night. She kept on looking outside, her gaze fixed on the window, totally cut off from the actions of the passengers present in the wheeled wagon.

“Where I went wrong? What was my fault, I loved blindly or I trusted blindly? Where will I go? What will I do?” she introspected as if she would get answers to all her questions, tears rolled down, she shivered, got up and swiftly pulled the chain. People were shocked at her sudden reaction to her silence which was noticed by one and all. She promptly packed her bags, wore her scarf  lying on the seat, held her purse and left the bogie. As soon as the train started crawling with a shriek voice she jumped with the speed of light, turned back to see one last time at the stationed train and walked briskly towards the dark field covered with wild grass to cross it as soon as possible as if she wanted to get rid of the past and to embrace the brighter future.

 ————————TEN YEARS LATER———————— Continue reading The Woman Of Big Deeds