Victory of Traditions

Last week India celebrated one of its major festivals. Markets were flooded with mindblowing giftpacks. Right from chocolates, sweets, flowers, decorated diyas to studded statues of deities, bakery items, dry fruit baskets…..list is endless. You name it, was there packed artistically to lure customers. All of a sudden I started missing my childhood days when ladies used to prepare home made ladoos/modaks ( sweet balls made of dairy products like ghee, khoya and coconut powder etc. loaded with dry fruits) as festival gifts.

Unfortunately in today’s fast pace life people have no time to prepare savories prior to festivals. They believe in ready to eat stuff available in departmental stores. Festivals have lost their significance and become more of commerce. It is all about marketing and money. Emotions are commercialized and packed into products. Bigger the brand, better it is.

I felt sad and wondered,” Is that the end of old traditions which were so good? Will the present generation won’t take pride in learning traditional recipes? Would they really celebrate an occasion with “Cadbury” whereas their mothers cooked deserts and sweets for special days.” I mean ‘new’ is not hopeless but ‘old’ was established and tested after all. 

Contemplating the future image, I reached home and got engaged in my preparations. Hardly I knew that I was about to get some special gifts in the evening. Few of my friends bought gifts which touched my heart. They were not only homemade but also wrapped with love and personal touch. Coconut and milkmaid ladoos looked so fresh and tempting in a glass container. There were baskets decorated by my students especially for Diwali filled with nick nack. Have a look of these gifts, my frinds have taken pain to show thier feelings towards me._DSC2701

This is a victory of traditions for me. I am so happy that there are few who keep these traditions alive rather than but expensive gifts from market to pass it on !!!

Canines and Felines

I have many fellow bloggers and friends who have pets in their family. Or should I say their pets are their family. Are furry creatures their most prized possessions? No, as Martha said today in her post that canines and felines bring pride and joy to their humans. They are friends and family.

Recently we went to our friend’s place to spend some time with them. When we reached there we were greeted by their pet dog and a kitten. They both were very playful. The way the couple took care and pampered their furry kids was unbelievable.  I happened to click few pictures of both the pets who were pride and joy for them. Enjoy the pictures.

I’m not expecting much, they can forget me

The daily prompt: Don’t you forget me

Imagine yourself at the end of your life. What sort of legacy will you leave? Describe the lasting effect you want to have on the world, after you’re gone.

I was a little princess of my father

His most precious gem rather

Chubby, cute, sweet little bundle of joy

In his arms look like a fluffy soft toy

Most protected, pampered may be

Just like a duchess’ royal baby

I would have brought up not better

If I was born in British grand castle

Luxuries would have made my life easier

Where would I find kind parents, so dear

Yes I am a princess, a heir to the throne

So what if not worn a crown to be shown

I lived as wife, mother, now ready to slow

I have completed the cycle, closing the show

Love, values, Character, culture, to pass on

To the siblings, the next generation and move on.

At the end of my life I want to be known as a kind soul

Rest everything will follow if I die achieving selfless goal

Share happiness and keep grief for own self till it fades away

The lasting affect of love and compassion will put hatred away

Toys Story: Outdoor Connection


To be honest I wasn’t fascinated with dolls and toys as a child. I used to remain outdoors most of the time , loved to play sports and games with friends. Playing with toys was always a second option.

There were dolls, cars, doctor set, clay moulds, kitchen set and building blocks in my collection of toys. I even cooked veggies in one of my toy wok made of steel gifted by my aunt ! I had a red piggy bank which had a special place in my room till I was in class 10th. All said and done I was happier cycling along the canal, trekking the hill feature with our gang of society children.

As a child I enjoyed running around the trees with my friends in the society park. We assembled and play merry go round every evening. Girls used to bring their badminton rackets, frisbee, skipping ropes and boys were all for cricket. Mothers generally liked to watch their children playing and enjoying while fathers had lively conversation on current affairs.

Those days children were not enticed by internet and no one had heard about the social media bug in India. kids were more disciplined, receptive and interactive. The idiot box aka T.V. had not turned them in couch potatoes. Parents didn’t had to deal with obese stuff. I used to get a doll, a toy car or board games as birthday presents since there were no video / PS4 games in existence.

Now as a mother of two grown up boys I can say that sky is the limit when it comes to presents. Market is flooded with unbelievable options. People are rich man!

My sons had great collection of sports cars, guns and bayblades. All sizes of Shopkins as well as Funskool Superman toys adorned the showcases of my elder son’s room. He was so fascinated with action figures that he started imagining himself to be one of them. I was so scared at one point of time that he might not jump out of the window to check whether he could fly like Superman or not.soulnspirit

Thankfully the craze faded with time and understood the difference between real and fantasy. They have donated all their toys to an orphanage except this superman and a sports car which is very dear to my son no.1

Now both my boys have grown up, not interested in any toy story but still kids at heart ! They want to fly in the sky of opportunities and want to be superhuman beings.

Menagerie: The cute canines


Off course I have animals in my life ! We had rabbits, parrot, love birds in our home but I could never say yes to my sons whenever they wanted me to give permission to bring a pup. Few days back I had written a post on this topic. Here is an extract of the post:

I was confused. Had been living with a guilt for last so many years. Guilt for not saying yes to my sons to bring a pet at home. Not that I am not an animal lover but when it comes to be a part of dog lovers community I simply don’t have the courage to take on this huge responsibility. I am not adverse to the thought but yes I don’t have the commitment coming from inside to take care of a dog. All I can say is I am yet not prepared.

My sons convinced me in all possible manner and promised me to look after the dog themselves. I somehow knew it was not going to happen that way and the dog would become my extended duty. I refused sternly though felt pained doing so. My kids openly showed their anger. Thankfully my husband did not show any interest when boys cribbed about my forced wish on them.

In the meanwhile my dear friend Marilyn Armstrong published a pet post and I shared my concern with her in one of my comments.  She gave me most practical and valuable suggestions. Her reply gave me clear insight on pet issues.

She said, ” Bring a pet when you are ready. Too many people get dogs, discover they are too much work, and dump them into shelters or abandon them. Better to know your limits. Better for you, better for the dog.”

She further suggested, “Kids are very fickle about pet care, so don’t let them talk you into something for which you are not ready. Let them understand that it is not just the few months of cute puppyhood. It is a lifetime care. If your sons are fickle minded don’t go for it until you are ready. You need the right dog, too, one that is the right size and temperament for your life. It’s like marrying the right person.”

So now I know what to do and when is the right time to go for a pup. Presently I am enjoying the squirrels, butterflies and moths in my garden and I know very soon I would be a proud owner of cute canines 🙂

Sign Language: A blessing


It would be a sign language. There will be no unnecessary talking with tongue. It can be given some rest since I would be rely on manual communication. Just few actions along with body language  to convey my thoughts / views, that’s all. Voila ! How interesting ! Wordy has showered his blessings on me. Woke up today with this new linguistic skills and now I am able to speak with them. You want to know who they are?

They are God’s special children……the blessed ones, those who can see, walk, feel, eat, drink like us but cannot hear or speak the way we do. Good for them.  Sounding weird? Come on think of it, at least they do not indulge in baseless egoistic conversations. No back biting  or boring social talks disturb their peace of mind. No regrets as they don’t hurt people by using harsh tones. Neither these innocent souls hear rubbish nor do they speak for sake of it.


I am able to understand their dreams, aspirations and fears. They are my new friends speaking out their hearts, together we would be singing a song. What fun we are going to have ! Learn the skills and take that, Rosetta 🙂