Countless Blessings 

Really we received countless blessings and wishes for our younger son Pratyush who by God’s grace has scored 87% in his ICSE higher secondary boards. His result was out two days before and from that day onwards there has been celebration time in our home. 

We took him to nearby water park for party. I cooked his favorite pepper grilled fish, egg bacon pie and stuffed veg cheese garlic bread. 

We watched two movies- Captain America and X-Men Apocalypse back to back, did shopping for both the sons. Luckily my elder son also came home last month to spend his summer vacations. 

I know I couldn’t read and write blogs but last two days were dedicated to my son no. 2. All relatives and friends congratulated him for his bright future ahead. He has to now focus on his intermediate. Also he has to take the big decision of chosing a right stream. As of now he is going strongly on Commerce stream. Science is totally out. 

I hope he takes the right decision and moves ahead with confidence. I will be visiting you all soon. Right now very tired and off to bed. Good night. 

BUSY….. Thy Name Is Soul

Out Of Breath


Just tried to play with colors ! Rangoli was made to welcome Goddess Laxmi

What a busy week it has been ! Gosh  ! I was moving like a spin in all the directions for last two months. No time for Halloween !

Setting up a new home in a new station, get to know the name of the markets as well as roads, getting children’s admissions done, finding a new maid, doing up the lawns……..and finally when I thought I was firmly settled, the busiest time of the year was just around the corner, the festive time had already knocked upon my door.There was a long trail of festivals, one after the other, as if it was less to keep pace with, there were so many official visits in the station where I had to accompany my dear husband.

In a nut shell I have been crazy, busy, busy, busy woman with hectic schedule to cope up with for last couple of months.

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