No Phobia Shmobia: Hear the Sound

If I had to live forever I would be a child, like both of them…. Listening to the sound of waves, banging into hem Carefree, innocent, funny, would love to dream all day along Lying on rocks, swimming in water and singing a song…. Observing the world, sense of hearing would be strong, A pure heart with […]

Best stories narrated by my Father

I was so keen to read books I was a small girl with average looks Archie’s and Marvel were among favorites Tintin entertained me during vacations As a kid my favorite was Malgudy Days I used to have fun with Hardy Boys Enid Blyton was a household name  Secret seven and Famous Five fame As […]

Toys Story: Outdoor Connection

To be honest I wasn’t fascinated with dolls and toys as a child. I used to remain outdoors most of the time , loved to play sports and games with friends. Playing with toys was always a second option. There were dolls, cars, doctor set, clay moulds, kitchen set and building blocks in my collection […]