The Tiny Soldier part 9 (Flash Fiction Chain # 5)

img_0814-fileminimizerThis is part 9 of flash fiction chain #5 hosted by Pho Trablogger and inspired by the amazing picture above. This is a collaboration of bunch of writers/bloggers all over the world who create a fictional world with their imagination based on the picture given by host Jathin, Proud to be part of this team. Please visit his blog for previous four series.

To get the context of the story, please read the first eight parts
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Character List:

Rick-10yrs Old Jenna-Rick’s social worker Mrs. Montgomery- Foster mother Jake- Mrs. Montgomery’s son Sun- The Monkey ***Elaborated Characters*** (The Other Kids Sorted By Tables) Table 1- Mesa-Boy, 14 yrs old Toro-Boy, 12 yrs old Wheeze-Boy, 8 yrs old Table 2- Danus-Boy, 11 yrs old Makaya & Kumba-Boys, Twins, 7 yrs old Table 3- Marilyn-Girl, 11 yrs old Britney-Girl, 8 yrs old Kanya-Girl, 6 yrs old

Part 9:

Jenna headed for the jungle leaving Mrs. Montogomery unattended who was still trying to speak something but felt a lump in her throat. Jane was almost running on the muddy track. She could clearly listen her heart beats while she was huffing and puffing to catch her breath. She was breathing from her mouth which went dry. Unable to walk more her sweating body bent on a nearby tree’s trunk to halt for sometime. She closed her eyes, tried to close her mouth. She opened her eyes to look around. The Forest was actually a crooked  grove of oddly shaped pine trees grown with a 90 degree bend at the base of their trunks. All of the trees were bent northward and surrounded by a larger forest of straight-growing pine trees. The crooked trees trunks were covered with ginger-brown climbers entangled in branches. As the rush of fresh air filled her lungs, she moved ahead to find the children.

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Love of a Parent

In response to A photo a week challenge:  love of a parent


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