My Purple Passion !

I had been dreaming of a small pond filled with lotus flowers in my garden. Whenever I got a ground floor house I tried to create a small water body having lilies and other water plants along with some hydra greens. It didn’t happened in last station since it used to rain a lot over […]

Zeer Pots: A Natural Low Cost Refrigerator

In my last post on Chitvan Jungle Lodge, located at Kanha in Madhya Pradesh, India, I promised you to share the tribal village technique of keeping vegetables fresh for days together without a refrigerator. Today I am going to throw some light on how it is being done through the photos I clicked. My old […]

CHITVAN: The Abode In Forest, encapsulated my Soul

It’s often said that some experiences are worth sharing-I had a close encounter with the flora n fauna of Kanha during my recent trip there. The trip was planned at a very short notice and the way things panned out made it all the more memorable. My husband has done our bookings at “Chitvan Jungle […]