Prior to pandemic we as a family of four used to enjoy going out to celebrate the special days, occasions and festivals in some fine dining restaurant, newly opened lounge or café with good food, mocktails and some live band playing on. In other words, a good opportunity to catch some social vibes and also […]


This table was lying in one of the corners of an old building. Two chairs were also placed across to sit face to face.  From a distance it looked like as if the chess board along chess pieces was kept on the table for an intriguing game. Then a person who designed the table took […]

The Batman and an Indian Bird in conversation

I had a hectic schedule for last three days. Today finally I was free for a change and decided to clean my library. The sun was bright and the sky was clear. It gave me the much needed boost to finish the task quickly so that I manage to steal few minutes to write a […]