Today everyone seems to avoid traditional foods and insist to have fruits, cereals to kick start the day. Perhaps health conscious people are made to think that way by so called dietitians and doctors who get good commissions from companies for promoting their wellness/ healthcare packages.  I understand the benifits of fruits and protein shakes […]


This table was lying in one of the corners of an old building. Two chairs were also placed across to sit face to face.  From a distance it looked like as if the chess board along chess pieces was kept on the table for an intriguing game. Then a person who designed the table took […]


For the past week I have been talking about Rajput Kings and Maharajas, sharing their palaces photos in my posts, therefore it would be unfair on my part not to share their family generation portraits with you all. They have survived ….the princely state status, Colonial era dependency and now the independent royal family buisness.  […]

Chaos and Confusion 

“What’s going on here?” I asked the person standing at the ticket counter. “Why there is so much crowd?” “Ma’am they have been shooting for a Chinese film since morning. You know they are shooting for an action sequence, ” he replied excitedly.  “O I see. That’s why so many Chinese people can be seen. […]


Yes, very true. As I strolled across the magnificent fort of Jodhpur, a living testimony that recalls the glorious past of Indian Rajput kings, I loved peeping into the history that recounts the chronicles and legends of Jodhpur’s rich past. In other words, I strolled across the marvels of architecture  and grandeur they were associated […]

A city of Contrast

Write a piece about a typically “local” experience from where you come from as though it’s an entry in a travel guide. This is a re run of old prompt. You keep on giving us old prompts, we will keep on posting old posts. Welcome, Stranger Think about the town where you currently live: its […]