Yesterday my blogger friend told me that in her country one cannot construct where one wants to and today I am reminded of her statement as soon as I saw today’s prompt.

These were her words, “Where we live there are certain areas that must be left to agriculture. You cannot build where you want to. So much space must be left for farmers. Switzerland is a small country and you must be careful what you do with the land you have.,”

I wish that was possible in our country too. Not that we don’t have rules and laws but implementation is a kind of  hypothetical term when you have abnormal population growth. Over 1.21 billion people need house and government has it’s own constraints therefore corruption rise and people tend to construct illegal colonies. The problem cannot be dealt effectively in absence of will and a strong mechanism to fight against it.dsc_4170

Illegal housing in India consists of huts or shanties built on land not owned by the residents (i.e., squatting) and illegal buildings constructed on land not owned by the builders or developers. Although illegal buildings may afford some basic services, such as electricity, in general illegal housing does not provide services that afford for healthy, safe environments. dsc_4171

The pictures above is a common sight of any big or small city. I wish there would have been sustainable development. It hurts when you see these cramped houses build without any blue print or proper planning where once used to be fertile fields full of yield. Even the hills did not remain untouched and they are bleeding due to reckless deforestation in the name of tourism and employment generation. Recently I went to one of the most beautiful hill station and was shocked to see the rapid construction going on there. It was no more that lush green valley of flowers, surrounded with tall pine and Deodar trees and waterfalls. This is what the landscape looked like.img_2706

Wish what my friend told me the other day is possible here too. For that we have to first control the population explosion. I would love to see long agricultural belts and evergreen forests in future too to maintain the ecological balance on the earth.img_2655


Many years ago there was a man who was gifted crystal clear voluminous brooks, waterfalls and pristine lakes to quench his thirst, fresh air to breathe and fruit laden trees to take care of his hunger but he was not satisfied then. He wanted to progress in life, he moved ahead and kept on doing what he thought was right..,…industries were born, machines and technology made him high headed. 

There came a day when he found himself developed and successful but to his surprise he was left with only man made kingdom. 

Where were streams? Lakes and ponds? 

Where were the trees? Air was also not smelling the same. Alas! He found himself searching for organic and farm fresh food among the vast ocean of chemically grown shit. 

Although he had satisfied his thirst of success but how to satisfy the biological thirst which could be only fulfilled by water..,..

To his horror water had become commodity now.That too an expensive one. Not many people could afford safe drinking water in the world.  

Slowly he walked ahead and bought few mineral bottles from a grocery shop. He proudly said,”Thank God, I have money. I will always remain healthy as long as I drink this water.”
A hungry boy, almost resembling a skeleton, wearing rags was watching him silently. With great effort he asked him, “I have left with no money to buy  mineral water,can you please help me?”

The arrogant man replied, “There are no free lunches in the world. Do I look like a fool, working day and night to earn money? Get up you lazy bum and do something worthwhile. See you have to pay price for water here. ” 

The boy kept on wondering if God was a fool. Why he gave us everything free when he could earn so much, eh? Probably he underestimated his own creation’s abilities. 

Education n Health: Panacea for Modern India

Education And Health International (EHI): a perfect blend of Health and Education HCiconRGB

“There’s a need for accepting responsibility for a person’s life and making choices that are not just ones for immediate short -term comfort. You need to make an investment, and the investment is in health and education.” This is one of the Buzz Aldrin quotes which reinforces the need of health and education in the society. “Health for all and Education for all” remains our national priority. While there’s still a long way to go before India is anyway near achieving that goal, there are indications that things are moving in the right directions. It’s a well known fact,”Good health supports successful learning as much as successful learning supports good health”. According to WHO “Health education is any combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals and communities improve their health, by increasing their knowledge or influencing their attitudes.” Continue reading Education n Health: Panacea for Modern India