Who cares for Talent? All busy in Rat Race

So sad, there is no worth for a talented person,  all we want are workers, churning out presentations Corporates have huge targets. companies have to earn more profits, teachers have to give 100% result….. Children have to learn salsa, jazz, sports, music along with academics to become perfect set of kids….. Mothers have to achieve […]

Need to be conscious

Pause whatever you’re doing, and ask the person nearest you what they’re thinking about (call someone if you have to). Write a post based on it. My husband is out of station and so my elder son. Son no.2 is preparing for his debate competition to be held tomorrow in his school. So right now […]

My Purple Passion !

I had been dreaming of a small pond filled with lotus flowers in my garden. Whenever I got a ground floor house I tried to create a small water body having lilies and other water plants along with some hydra greens. It didn’t happened in last station since it used to rain a lot over […]

The Early Years: As told before

Dreams, passion, agony, struggles, laughter Love, soulmate, family, mother, wife, daughter Kids, travel, camera, cooking, blogging, I’m a charmer Done with my autobiography, a tad faster. The early years were sweet, act as a reminder This is my life, my choice,  I’m the master ! My life is like anybody’s life, not very eventful So […]

180 degrees turn to visit an old house

It was a special day ! A day rarely happens in our lives. I got a chance to visit an old house of ours where my children spent their childhood. Being an army wife I must have stayed in more than twenty houses by now but I seldom got a chance to visit a house […]

Family Music Is Hit

My son no.2 plays drums and I love to listen his creations. The music he composes is wonderful. I am a music lover, a trained Indian classical dancer I love to listen Indian classical and folk music. Sorry I can’t share any video or mix tape as I am presently away from home spending time […]

Lingering Forever for Life

Childhood is always special.  I never wanted to grow as an adult. I wish I could linger on the pampering and care of my parents.  The taste of my mom’s food still lingers, I could never cook such delicious meals. I still remember my first date with my love. Feels as if it happened yesterday […]

Forgive and Forget?: I do it my way

Share a story? Oh, I forgive and forget. People hurt Intentionally more unintentionally less. I used to live in a fool’s paradise and thought that if I was honest to my friends then they would be to me. Not necessary you will always come across a person who would be trustworthy. The complexities of human nature […]

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: PINK

I am happy  and so are my Holy hawks !  Vacation !  Fun and family time is here ! My elder son is back from his hostel to spend his one month summer break at home. My number two son is happy to be in company of his brother. Looking forward to have lots of […]

Indian Spices: Too Hot to Handle !

Paneer tikka Masala, tandoori Naan and paneer roll with green chutney along with onion salad……yummmm !  Who cares what it may bring tomorrow. Right now I am hungry and just can’t resist spicy food. As it is no Indian cuisine is completed without spices. Some like it hot and spicy and some use less spices […]