Cee’s FOTD: Gerbera cluster

Flowers bring so much of vibrancy in otherwise gloomy and lacklustre life. I love the way these flowers open up once they are dipped in water and remain fresh, glowing for around a week in the vase during winters. Cannot sustain the harsh summers though and wither within two to three days here in our […]

Fill The Frame: Bold and Bright

Sometimes, a subject is so striking you want it to be the only thing in your image.  This is precisely the topic of this week’s  A photo a Week Challenge: Fill The Frame These flowers and leaves in my garden look so bold and sharp in colors and are perfect for this theme. Gerbera flowers […]


I got up in the morning, opened the door of my room to go in my lawn and what I saw there was absolutely wonderful. I exclaimed with joy,”WOW ! There is a new flower in my garden.” I was so thrilled to see my striking two lipped-ray florets in red, orange and dark pink […]