Life is Full Of Sunshine

Life is full of sun shine if at all we are ready to absorb Every day is a miracle if we ready to believe in good deeds Every day gives us opportunity to improve if we are ready to grab it Every moment can be shining yellow light which fills our heart with gratitude If […]


World is opening slowly but surely to travel, food and entertainment. When I finally hit the road like a wanderer almost after two years, my soul feel liberated, my eyes refused to blink, not to miss the beautiful view and my body felt so light as if some kind of heavy weight was released from […]

Rains, Wind Storm and the Tree Toppled

It’s raining like cats and dogs. Thunder storms, evening showers, strong winds, toppling of  trees and bent electric polls are common in India where I live.  No doubt this is the best time around when everything turns green. Weather is so pleasant and the cool breeze blows day and night but the rains bring agony […]


Today, before I write any other post let me say THANK YOU to my friends who nominated me for the above awards. I am extremely grateful to Moses of Faction Limbo for nominating me for ‘The versatile Blogger Award’. I should have done it long back. As they say better late than never, delay just […]

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocous: All is Well

You get some incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news. What’s the first thing you do? Well ! To update the Facebook status ! How about sharing it with the world ? A quick tweet about the achievement/ news is what one can expect from an individual now a days. Unfortunately for me social media is not […]

Gratitude and loads of it….

Today no left overs for me……. I am humbled and full of gratitude. I am happy, feeling proud, thankful all at the same time. Let me share some moments of achievements, may be small but they brought joy and satisfaction to me. I will start with my adorable son’s victory. Today he has won the […]