I found a beautiful, pristine, crystal clear blue heart in the lap of Himalayan mountains.  Journey was tiring, path was curvaceous, altitude was higher, view was fabulous As I was trying to capture the magnificent landscape, this water body appeared before us !  A heart shaped lake ! So serene,so calm, magical and angelic spot, […]

On The Way I found a heart !

We as a family of four were on our way to Bumla Pass, Tawang and I was enjoying splendid views, changing with every curve we took on mountains. The ever changing landscape was so majestic in nature. Suddenly we reached at height where we could witness twin lakes. From distance it looked like pristine hearts. […]

If I had a Hammer: I would repair broken hearts

Well ! Well ! Now we are gonna acquire some skills to please wordy, right? As if this the only thing which was left…. not discussed under the earth and without it our great prompts collection would not have completed. Better learn skills to be flashed on the dp grid, okay ! What does wordpress want […]