I still hear the echo of water. It could be heard from a distance too while I was desperately waiting to get the first glimpse of the massive, voluminous waterfall. It was like a marvel of nature and the only source of sound in this silent, lush green valley. Breathtaking view which echoes in my memory forever.

The other picture is of a old Mughal Fort where the echo from the glorious past can be heard even today. The intricate workmanship, the architecture, the feel, the royal ambience makes you call those kings from the past and you definitely hear the echo of their footsteps. 

Hope you would like my perception on today’s prompt. 



Yes, The famous Winston Churchill House is our den now !

As you all know by now that I have shifted recently and very proudly I want to share that we have been alloted the famous heritage bunglow called “THE RETREAT”.

 History says Sir Winston Churchill as a young sub altern stayed in this house ” The Retreat”  while on a visit to India. It is rumoured that when he went back to England and later become one of the most famous prime ministers of Britain, he gave a ‘royal’ pension of 1 pound to the orderly who served him here, and the orderly, though not named received this pension till his death.

The day my husband broke this news to me I was thrilled with joy. I grabbed my phone and surfed Google to dig into the history. I felt so fortunate to get a chance to live in such a historical bunglow.  I was waiting for the day when I would be stepping in the house and finally when I did  I fell in love with it at the first sight…..A  liminal phase started thereafter…. in terms of settling down since it is entirely different from the previous houses we were alloted. Not that this was the first time we have got a bunglow in services but this one is really old and huge. Not many renovations have been done and the original walls and architecture is still intact. I am doing it step by step.

The heritage building was constructed in 1856. This is what I read on official website:

“Though many in the city are familiar with a some examples of built heritage within the cantonment limits, few are aware about the existence of structures like Deccan House, The Abbey and numerous other monumental buildings which have survived despite the passing of two centuries. Amongst buildings with high associational value is ‘The Retreat’, one of several quaint colonial bungalows, which served as Sir Winston Churchill’s residence in 1896. It was during his sojourn at Secunderabad that the redoubtable statesman first met his early flame Pamela Chichele-Plowden, daughter of the then British Resident at Hyderabad, at a polo match. Churchill, then a subaltern in the British army was the star performer of the meet and is said to have swept the lady off her feet. Their courtship, which lasted till 1902, was amicably terminated in England.”

Hoping to have a great tenure here. I AM LOVING IT. More pictures in next post.

Serendipitous Prompt: Between Present and Past

In response to Serendipitous Photo Story Prompt


Everything is good about vacation except one thing. At times you are out of connectivity while traveling. There are days when you hardly get time to sit, relax and write. Hats off to the bloggers who are so organized that their posts appear on the reader even when they are away from computer.

Today finally when I got in touch I was overwhelmed to see myself as a featured blogger on Cee’s photography blog. Not that it was for the first time but every time my blog appears in the list it is a matter of pride for me. You can see my featured post here.

Next I saw Marilyn’s photo story prompt. How can I miss the fun? I like participating in it. This one is for you Mrs.Marilyn to cheer you up in absence of Garry. I can understand the pain and agony of what you shared in your post. We humans are selfish by nature and egos are larger than life. Anyway your friends love you that’s all. YOU FIT IT IN OUR HEARTS ! 

Busy month, busy schedule. My hands are full. My cook and helper both went on leave. When at home I’m struggling with house chores otherwise living on roads. We have been to near by areas and explored ancient Aurangabad caves ( 12 artificial rock-cut Buddhist shrines located on a hill running roughly east to west )DSC_9216DSC_9219

The Aurangabad Caves were dug out of comparatively soft basalt rock during the 6th and 7th century. Sculptural carvings of Aurangabad Caves reached belong to highest achievements of Indian classical art. The site can easily be compared to the best paintings of Ajanta. 

DSC_9132These caves are magnificent sculptures. They fall into three groups depending on their location. First group is 1-5, second is 6-9 and third group consists of 10-12 caves. cave 1 and 2 are unfinished viharas and cave 7 is most elaborate. Corridors, verandah and stair cases are beautifully carved with various Buddhist gods and goddesses. View was beautiful from the top. The combination of rocks and woods along with green ls something unique.

DSC_9156 DSC_9124

You feel as if you are in a different era, old, in fact very old. Enjoy some more pictures of these marvels of Buddhist art and architecture. I may not write regularly for few more days but will try to remain in touch with you all. Now time to meet some more friends. Hope Mr.Swiss is back at home and enjoying the company of Mrs.Angloswiss and her felines. I have to catch Andy, Amy, Cee and my other friends too. Have a great weekend. 

DSC_9230 DSC_9259