I Listen to My Heart

Make an important decision? Only way I know is to listen to my heart. It is a big risk and I can’t blame anyone later on if it proves wrong. I have been taking decisions based purely on instincts, so far proved lucky for me. It could have ruined my life if went wrong. Be […]

Digging The Immortal

On a crisp winter day Shuchi returned to her cabin totally tired, survey was done and the site was being dug for last two days. As an archeologist, Shuchi was never wrong in her assumptions and this time also she was quite hopeful. The sound was loud enough to be heard by the architects who […]

I am The Moon !!!

Daily Prompt “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” — Allen Ginsberg Innocence of a child, sweetness of a pie  Living life happily, contented, regret not die Beautiful world, clouds, mist, rainbow and sky Deep oceans, mysterious forests, vultures fly I want to live, experience the truth, worth a try Knowledge makes me spirited […]


Here is my second entry to weekly photo response: Dialogue Animals can talk, care, love and express their emotions. They too have a family and a wonderful dialogue delivery like us. How could I miss this opportunity to capture these moments of warmth, solitude or sharing while I was traveling through Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. […]


Before I talk about writer’s block party let me put you across these questions ; Do you write to write or  do you have to write as a writer ? Is writing natural to you  or  is it a deliberate/forced effort? Do you write ,what inspires you  or   you write popular topics to remain […]