I constantly move to deserts and valleys

Climbing mountains, passing from cities 

Exploring the woods, meeting the locals 

Learning tribal culture, enjoy their fests

Having a bag full of memories to cherish 

That don’t get faded with time, stay fresh 

Love going back to the memory lane 

Calling old friends, close they remain 

The nostalgia lingers on forever 

Nothing can replace the sheer joy 

Looking at the pictures, smiles and tears 

Sweet memories can never fade away.

I moved again to a new city……

If you don’t like where you are

Move, you are not a tree

That was not the reason I moved

I moved because I ought to

Not because I was deprived of anything 

Rather it was time to detach myself 

My husband had completed his tenure 

Two years gone and it was time to pack

Time to leave my work place, 

beautiful house, lush green lawns, 

Wonderful friends, the fields, the plateaus 

Everything related to that place 

Moved to a new land, finding my roots

Searching for the new world, my world, our world……

It’s easier said than done

The experience makes me stronger 

At the same time I want to stay longer

Adapting to every situation

Leaving behind all that you achieved 

In terms of profession and personal 

My son is again a new kid on the block 

And I am a new member in the ladies meet

The scene looks too chaotic in the beginning 

Slowly it becomes manageable 

That’s why was away for last few months 

Juggling with boxes and cartons 

Altering curtains and filing rations 

Wandering, what would have happening 

in the lives of my blogger friends 

But used to snore like pig after day’s slog. 

Now that the house is functional 

I look forward to have more interaction 

Life is a big roller coaster…. Moving faster

All Souls’ Day: Praying for the dead

So I celebrated Halloween and yesterday I attended All Souls’ Day prayers in our community graveyard where all the graves were decorated with flowers. Family members came & prayed for departed souls. One step more to explore the culture and traditions of global world. I thank my blogger friends to let me peep into their world by sharing the pictures and telling the stories of their festivals.

Hope I am loud and clear answering that million-dollar question, “why do I blog?” To grow worldly wise, to explore, share and make friends who love me, laugh with me and support me unconditionally. Wish you all All Saints’ Day……

Enjoy the pics from a corner of India.wpid-imag0526.jpgwpid-imag0525.jpgwpid-imag0527.jpg

Sunday Indulgences

There was a time in their lives…..

when they got a TREAT for everything ! 

To do home work, to behave 

To clean room, to win the race

To be in top five in the class

To complete the given task 

Or just to do good deeds

For everything there was a treat ! 

My sons enjoying their triple sunday

Treats were most awaited 

An awesome meal relished 

Followed by triple sundays

Those were fun filled days

How much I loved them

Expressions I cherished then


Now of course both my sons have grown up

No home works and no PTMs to show up

They go with their friends to have sundays

But still there are occasions and days 

When I can see them indulging in taste

Enjoying every bit of it, no haste !!!

Sweet Melodies of 70s

Music is that cool and calm breeze which touches the soul of all and sundry. It is always a treat to lend your ears to a beautiful and melodious voice.

When I was a child it was romantic era in Bollywood and it reflected in music too. I remember correctly my father singing those famous numbers sung by Kishore Kumar and Mohmmad Rafi. Lata Mangeshkar also known as Nightangle of India, sang some evergreen songs which itched in Indian memory forever. I grew up listening to spiritual as well as love songs, used to broadcast in radio. Below are the iconic legends of the Indian film industry who swept the nation with their voice.images

The 70s were largely dominated by a man called Kishore Kumar ( second from left )with music provided by a duo Laxmikant Pyarelal and while I would recommend just randomly picking out Kishore Kumar’s songs, here is a list of songs one may enjoy.

All songs of
Sholay (Have achieved a cult status)
Yaadon Ki Baarat
Chitchor (A gem of an album by a highly under rated Yesudas)
Mera Naam Joker
Bobby (IMHO popular largely due to the movie)
Chhoti Si Baat
Muqaddar ka Sikandar


Michael Jackson became the rage in eighties and how could India remained unaffected ? I remember how much we all liked ” Bad” & “beat it”. He became God for our disco stars and choreographers.images-2

 I have enjoyed all types of music since my childhood days. My sons enjoy english songs therefore I listen them too with equal charm though I don’t understand the rap and not really liked it as compared to soft soothing music. Today’s Rap Gods do not entertain me much at the same time I guess it would be interesting to learn and rap like them, wouldn’t be ?

Best stories narrated by my Father

DSC07437I was so keen to read books

I was a small girl with average looks

Archie’s and Marvel were among favorites

Tintin entertained me during vacations

As a kid my favorite was Malgudy Days

I used to have fun with Hardy Boys

Enid Blyton was a household name 

Secret seven and Famous Five fame

As a teenager got loads of homework

Still Mills and Boons grabbed my attention

A professional course, full time Fashion designer

Love, marriage and adjusting in a new environment

Took me away from the world of books, for a moment

But how long you can be away from books?

I too was fascinated by the charm and looks 

Erich Segal’s ‘Doctors’ inspired me a lot.

‘The class’ was a classic, I went and bought

All said and done all these books together

Cannot match the bedtime stories my father used to tell

I always miss those days, lying in his arms and sleep well……


From Me to Me: Phoenix

Dear me,

You were a girl ! A girl in her twenties. You wanted to become a bride just to put heena in your hands. In those days you only knew about this art. No one had heard about tatoo.

You applied heena on your hands during your marriage. You knew and appreciated its importance whenever a  festival or a marriage took place at home, applying mehndi by women folks used to seen as prosperity and good omen.

That was your marriage celebration. Beautiful designs which you made on your hands and feet were traditional Indian patterns. It looked as if Phoenix was tattooed on the palm, You know it seemed to me as if it was awakening the inner light. Turmeric was also used for the same purpose but it was used by the elderly women folk of the house. It also considered good omen.

You were so excited ! Running here and there dressed in bright sari and decked up with gold jewelry. I felt like blessing you that according to some legends, the phoenix could live over 1,400 years before rebirth in the same way the positivity of heena would bring happiness and permanency in your relationship with your husband.

So much has happened in last twenty years. You are a mother of two handsome sons who love to draw designs of heena on your palm. This time they would draw Phoenix for sure. How about one with open wings?

Yours lovingly


Here are few designs I got made during festivities. This post is in response to Marilyn’s Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015 # 17: Phoenix and today’s dp prompt: You to you

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