180 degrees turn to visit an old house

It was a special day ! A day rarely happens in our lives. I got a chance to visit an old house of ours where my children spent their childhood. Being an army wife I must have stayed in more than twenty houses by now but I seldom got a chance to visit a house […]

Lingering Forever for Life

Childhood is always special.  I never wanted to grow as an adult. I wish I could linger on the pampering and care of my parents.  The taste of my mom’s food still lingers, I could never cook such delicious meals. I still remember my first date with my love. Feels as if it happened yesterday […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, but not Forgotten II

This is one of my favorite photo, a panoramic view of Himalayan Ranges. As soon as the sun light falls on snow covered  mountain peaks they glitter like gold and shine brightly. What a blissful moment it was ! Though the moment is gone, but not forgotten. Enjoy the view. The first entry can be seen […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

There are few moments which come as a pure bliss in your life, the sight which may have lost once you move ahead while traveling towards the destination. The view is lost but you can never forget the experience, it will remain in your memory forever. The first glimpse of the mighty ‘ Kanchenjunga’ mountain […]

When I Met My Soulmate

O Lord, why I have to dig my past every time I see the prompt? This past thing is getting on my nerves. Com on I am sure we all bloggers who write for daily prompts are happily living people, very much enjoying our present, no? Thanks to Word press, we have known each other’s […]

Missing old times: Dog’s Perspective

What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective. Bow wow ! The bark came from the opposite side of the fence of my garden. I tried to ignore it and continued reading the newspaper. After all PM Modi had done  terrific compaigning during  state elections in Maharashtra, […]

I remember…….

Memoirists: Choose a hazy memory from your past, and use it as inspiration for your piece. Try to recall it — and don’t be afraid to show your uncertainty. Walking down the memory lane Heard a knock at the past life gate From a bouquet of memories I have to pick one There were testing […]


What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective. ” I’m going to have a king size pizza” I almost said it loud in exuberance of spending good time with my friends. It was the Friday Night fever at TGIF. Every body was busy placing order. It was […]

The Worst Thing In Life – You’ll Be Missed Robin Williams

Today my soul is not happy and my spirit is down I bid adieu to a noble soul who is not around Alas ! There is so much pain and grief all around Have we closed our eyes and shut our ears ? Stone hearted,aloof,obsessed and unmoved by tears This world need love,care and compassion […]