FOTD : Orange hibiscus

These hibiscus look absolutely bright and gorgeous and look so happy in a sunny day ! Sunny days are best for them and especially after a whole week of generous showers it’s time to bloom now ! FOTD: 2nd October

It’s Bloom time for Plumeria

Right now blooming in my garden. Looks like cluster of shining stars in the sky. I love the glance every now and then whenever I happen to peep outside the door or window. Represents love and new beginnings, I am fond of Plumeria, Champa plant because it generally starts blooming from summer and have flowers […]

CEE’s FOTD: blooms of canna Indica

These flowers require least care, water they need in plenty and grows very fast once firmly rooted. Best time for them to bloom is of course rainy season when there’s no dearth of water. High medicinal value, enjoy the monsoon blooms in and around my area.