Window to Look Through Soul

Soul is a mystery to look through or look in I always wonder what to find deep within. So many dreams waiting to turn into reality Forgive or forget? Feeling good or feel guilty When I look through my soul, I find emotional surge While looking in yours, I find calmness, no urge While I […]

Noises Within My Mind

Life would’ve never be this cryptic If people remain truthful to themselves The mystery around them makes every relation so doubtful The complications now seem insuperable The only respite is detachment from worldly pleasures Finding my soul will give me clear picture

The Tiny Soldier part 9 (Flash Fiction Chain # 5)

This is part 9 of flash fiction chain #5 hosted by Pho Trablogger and inspired by the amazing picture above. This is a collaboration of bunch of writers/bloggers all over the world who create a fictional world with their imagination based on the picture given by host Jathin, Proud to be part of this team. Please visit […]

The Shadows on the Wall (Flash Fiction Chain # 4)

The following work of flash fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger friend Jithin of PhoTrablogger. The picture above is his creative photography which inspired this series of fiction writing. Do check out his blog to read his adventures while traveling and some lovely photographs. Character List : Maggy-19 year old Granddaughter of the […]

When in Love Part 4 ( A FLASH FICTION CHAIN)

The following work of flash fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger Jithin of Pho Trablogger .The picture that you see above ,is his creative photography which inspired this piece of fiction writing . Please click HERE and provide your valuable feedback on this picture. Also you can check out his blog for more […]

PHOTO 101: Mystery Of Manor

 Everything is a mystery here. a ghastly figure with a hood,  a bungalow, looking spooky in green light adds to the mystery of this place. Will I ever be able to reveal it? To me it is mystery of manor…… Day 10: Mystery