Gratitude and loads of it….

Today no left overs for me……. I am humbled and full of gratitude. I am happy, feeling proud, thankful all at the same time. Let me share some moments of achievements, may be small but they brought joy and satisfaction to me. I will start with my adorable son’s victory. Today he has won the […]

Photo 101: Triumph

  Triumph is rejoice over a success or victory Let’s celebrate, good over evil, saint in glory Lord Ram defeated the ten head Ravana You must have heard this mythological story All the years gone, tales of battle lost in history A highly acclaimed asura collapsed in mystery He nurtured his lust, untamed desire,soaked in […]

Photo 101: Double

You can also check my first entry ‘double Decker Root Bridge’ and enjoy the adventurous trip to Live root bridges. photography-101-double

Cooking up Stories

What does most elaborate cooking meal mean? A meal having an elaborate lay out or a meal just cooked well using plenty of ingredients ? Well for me it means to bring love, passion and respect to the food being prepared and for those who will enjoy it. Cooking is one thing which I cannot escape […]

Walking On The Edge: Double Decker Root Bridge near Shillong

Hey ! I am back again to talk about live root bridges of Meghalaya. In my previous post I shared my experiences of visiting live root bridges while I was in Shillong.  As I promised to take you to a trip to one of the most magnificent and breath taking live root bridges and this […]

Uncle Bob by Default, It’s Me

Hey ! What has happened why are you huffing and puffing? Miss, Tom and Nicky are fighting badly, boxing and kicking They were eating their tiffins, argued, shouted, now grappling Tom grabbed Nicky’s collar, Nicky brawled, both went rolling Girls passed comments, seniors hooted while juniors were clapping We  intervened but in vain, threatened them, […]

Photo 101: Man In The Glass

This is a pic of a bullet ridden glass ……Are these for real? Yes, very much …..   This is the flip side of the beautiful Kashmir valley. A common sight in this beautiful but terrorist infested state. (though not the entire state) These are for real and part of the daily survival of locals […]

One Word Photo Challenge: Mahogany

This week Jennifer Wells has set the theme Mahogany for One word photo challenge. Mahogany, basically color of wood, now a days associated with hair color in glamor world, is considered very auspicious in India. It is a color of Heena / Mehndi which is applied on a bride’s hands at the time of her […]

Photo 101: My Garden Treasure

You are as bright as sunshine As white as snow flakes falling in line As beautiful as moon, leaves aligned As delicate as a newly born child As youthful as a young bride As precious as a sea shell on the beach side You are my treasure, owner’s pride Stay in my garden as long […]

A Story For The Hearers

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Spinning Yarns.” All my stories started with ‘Once upon a time……’ Then off course I used to tell what was fine Engaging tiny tots in an imaginary world Not easy if I didn’t include what they felt Alex’s fears, Rahul’s wishes, Lucy’s dreams All weaved in delicate […]