The first man I met in the morning Was old, sitting at the door, yawning As I went for my morning walk I saw his fragile figure, thin and dark Once strong, agile, glowing human Now wrinkled, shrinked, aged  man Done his duties, fought his battle Tired, withered, dry eyes, shriveled  Faced hardships, struggled, battered […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season

Once upon a time there was life all around Activity, action, happiness knew no bound Standing still to see the changing times Seasons have gone, feel alone at times Withstood challenges, off-season may be Hope to revive old glorious era, you will see In response to Off-season

BROKEN TERRITORY ( Weekly Photo Challenge)

God created a planet green in color Man created guns to paint it in red Wars brought misery and destruction on earth. He created boundaries, territories, restrictions no dearth By doing this he thought himself to be powerful, a winner Broken