All Souls’ Day: Praying for the dead

So I celebrated Halloween and yesterday I attended All Souls’ Day prayers in our community graveyard where all the graves were decorated with flowers. Family members came & prayed for departed souls. One step more to explore the culture and traditions of global world. I thank my blogger friends to let me peep into their […]


Today is the fifth and final day…….Look what I have got to share with you all !  I love traveling. Exploring the unexplored has always been my endeavor at any given opportunity. Adventure brings me the thrill. Tarun, my husband knows my passion therefore arranges these kind of trips for me where I can nuture […]


Today it is all about this huge & most peacuful creature on the earth. He is blessed with black & whte contrast though not excatly black but it certainly gives the feel of this contrastic effect. Enjoy the pics and don’t miss the trunk close up. Marilyn invited her friends to accept this challenge. I […]


Today I have selected four pictures of flock of birds having a good time whether they are playing in the water or they are flying above the tress or just sitting quietly on the electric wires in rows. Enjoy   Marilyn invited her friends to accept this challenge. I liked this concept. So here I am, […]

High Noon: Away from the Maddening Crowd

We took a clean break. Break from the daily routine things, break from the same mundane activities, away from the maddening crowd of city and concrete jungles of urbanization. Not that we went on a vacation to far off destination but we just took a day off, drove down 100 miles or more, left behind […]

Naturally Serene….

Serenity to me is my moment Pure as white, God’s gift sent To climb on a mountain peak, Sun light plays hide and seek Inhaling cool, crisp air. Exhaling playfully warm air To watch the snow, white valley so fair  Exploring woods without a care To watch the serenity above the clouds How they shine, […]

PHOTO 101 Day 5: Solitude

I don’t hear screaming sirens, no heavy tread of boots here No tramping, dumping of waste, white puffy fluffy clouds here Lush green alpine trees, rocky mountains, pristine lakes here Angels dance in moonlit play, the song of nightingale  here Waters deep, path edgy, cliffy, valley of colorful flowers here Who has any desire of […]

I Can Handle More

Daily Prompt “Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.” – Edna Ferber Do you agree with this statement on excess? I think I won’t say yes to this For I have been always in bliss Too much of love is never bad Especially when it comes from dad Truth and kindness […]

The World Needs……( A poetry collaboration )

The world needs nothing…. but a soul awakening, All we need is bonding and strengthening. We need to love each other and spread the message, Let’s embrace Humanity and shun the ego baggage. We have enough of everything in this world, Alas! Nobody is contented with what earned. This is the time to make right […]