A lady who never compromises


In a world where compromise often prevails,  it is a sight to behold a lady with a shining soul who stands tall; her spirit never fails.  She walks with grace, unwavering pride,  A beacon of strength, defying the tide. She never compromises her values or beliefs,  For she knows her worth and seeks no relief.  […]

Reflection on Love and Relationship


I reflect on divine relationships in the tapestry of life.  It all starts when two souls intertwine.  Feeling a spark, skipping a beat, two hearts entwined Walking ahead in the journey of love and affection That’s all about soaking in a mutual connection A surge of emotions, basking in the warm embrace  Lost in a […]


Lanterns, demons, vampires Trick-or-treat, door-to-door arrivals Spoooky costumes worn with grace, Ghosts, witches, skeletons, a frightful race My pumpkin ghost deserves all attention with esteem He has a haunting glare, looks very mean I m waiting with my bowl full of candies. Let them come in spooky and scary attires Monsters stalking through the Halloween […]


  Today when I came back home from shopping Saw this feline, who quietly in the garden, resting I hastely put my bags and clinched my camera Waiting for him to come closer, to catch his aura He came from nowhere, never seen before in my lawn He pounced on a mice as he crossed, […]