Gone are those Days

Notebook is a thing of the past. Who maintains it? Vanished somehow Online schools are having classrooms on Google, Microsoft, Teams now Where are those students who took pride to fill them up? With their well-written essays, artistic illustrations, and maths projects Covered neatly with brown paper, index marked with page number, Now the solid […]


A person keeps on looking for a dream holiday Keeps working day and night, to save for exotic stay Hardly realizes that there’s no perfect holiday There’s no point waiting and plan in a grand way You can be workaholic, stoic on all week days Have a ball on weekends, soul drenched in adventure spray […]

Mystery Of Vanishing Point

Yes, I want to go to the other side of the vanishing point once To see what starts from there where it all seems like an end Perhaps a new story, a new beginning of some unfinished desires, untold tales of love, sacrifices, remained unheard -soul n spirit

Noises Within My Mind

Life would’ve never be this cryptic If people remain truthful to themselves The mystery around them makes every relation so doubtful The complications now seem insuperable The only respite is detachment from worldly pleasures Finding my soul will give me clear picture


Here is my entry for Alisa’s travel theme challenge and the topic is Faces. Faces reflect human emotions surprise, sadness, exhaustion, loneliness. Faces tell stories, describe the age and glory There are innocent faces, cunning and rude too Some are totally blank, asking who are you? They can’t hide pain, joy and horror Each one […]

Snapshots Stories: A bird’s eye view

Where thou sitting to take rest ? Why doth sleeping in thy nest? Thee a bird, wild and gentle spirit, Soft notes spreading across the mist Making heavenly sound, in the twilight Sitting on a branch like a tired child Hearing the silence, thou seat on high Softly looking at the slumbering sky

Writing 201: Poetry; Journey

Today I have tried to write few lines in a poetic form known as ‘Limerick’. Limericks are traditionally composed of five lines of verse. The traditional rhyming scheme of a limerick is a a b b a — the first two lines rhyme, then the next two, and the final verse rhymes with the first […]

Oh Mom ! I just Yawned :)

Yawning isn’t so bad my son but it contains a little grace Look I’m posing for some fun A smile plastered on my face You get to stop and wait

Earthy Carriers Of Light

These small earthy adventures of light Colorful clay miracles, look so bright Escape the darkness, twinkle at night