OPINION: Need for Mental Health Awareness at schools

OPINION: Need for Mental Health Awareness at schools

Imagine a school having ultra-modern architecture, plush interiors, smart classrooms, world-class amenities, and highly trained faculties for the kids of wealthy and influential families taking admission. Opposite it is a municipality school that barely manages the old and tattered building, rusted, broken furniture, and dirty, awfully smelled washrooms with no water supply. Children from rural […]

Remove The Fog To Receive Light

Whenever I get lost my way in the fog of chaos My soul holds my hand and lead the path It is so easy to take the wrong route in absence of clarity Thank God my consious allows me to preserve my sanity ” Slow, steady progress will get you beyond the fog to see […]

Midweek Monochrome: Ellora Caves

I am a bit old-fashioned soul so you will find here a lot of old vintage charm in my selection of pictures for the photo challenges. Believe it or not, I get lost in the majestic appeal of old castles, forts, and palaces. I mean look at the art friends! The stone carving, the storytelling […]


“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” — Walt Disney Each city has a unique skyline, which makes its virtual identity, more so in the digital era when social media is full of stunning skyline pictures from all over […]

Lens-Artists: Weird And Wonderful

This week we are invited by Ann-Christine to find images of things that are “weird and wonderful”. An apt theme during Halloween times. It is not only about the weird but it has to be wonderful too. Yes, that’s the catch here, therefore, I have decided to share some of the unique sculptures having weird […]


India is celebrating Karvachauth today. All married women are observing fast and waiting eagerly for the moon to appear so that they can open fast. It’s time to end fasting, anytime moon can show up there. By this time the energy levels go down. Feeling hungry n moreover thirsty as we are not supposed to […]


FOTD -22 October Flowers inspire us to remain cheerful even if they are plucked and transferred to alien atmosphere. They try their level best to spread happiness and their fragrance in spite of being away from their native surroundings. Their journey from plants to vases is all about embracing change quickly in hope of sustaining […]