Noises Within My Mind

Life would’ve never be this cryptic If people remain truthful to themselves The mystery around them makes every relation so doubtful The complications now seem insuperable The only respite is detachment from worldly pleasures Finding my soul will give me clear picture


I constantly move to deserts and valleys Climbing mountains, passing from cities  Exploring the woods, meeting the locals  Learning tribal culture, enjoy their fests Having a bag full of memories to cherish  That don’t get faded with time, stay fresh  Love going back to the memory lane  Calling old friends, close they remain  The nostalgia […]


  Now at this point of life I wonder at times that do dreams really get fulfilled?  If yes then right now I am sitting at the bank of the river and dreaming to float forever…,, Floating, I dream to enter the other continents..,,,, I dream of meeting those wonderful people living on other land […]

Buddies Forever 

My both the sons are my best buddies.Who else? They make me laugh like  crazy, they wipe my tears, give me immense joy and moreover share their fears and secrets with me.  They both never dissappoint me when it comes to have fun. I feel young in their company. Tarun pampers them both whereas I […]

Catching Lost Breath

After climbing so many stairs, I had to catch my breath ! This was early in the morning while I went for the weekly trek and couldn’t climb further without a short break. Huffing and puffing, I needed to drink water and of course it was time to click few pictures. I was having my […]


How embarrassing it was for me. I was constantly nagging, ticking off children for losing the expensive pen which I gifted them, blamed them not to value gifts and then one fine day I got it inside my pouch which I carried to school. Actually I had borrowed it for my work few days before, […]


The first man I met in the morning Was old, sitting at the door, yawning As I went for my morning walk I saw his fragile figure, thin and dark Once strong, agile, glowing human Now wrinkled, shrinked, aged  man Done his duties, fought his battle Tired, withered, dry eyes, shriveled  Faced hardships, struggled, battered […]


Of course they both are pets. Not ours. This tiny kitten and docile canine belongs to the couple who are our friends. This week’s  Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015- 30 revolves around pets. I don’t know much about them as I don’t have one. Not yet prepared to take the responsibility.  Whatever little time we spent […]


Priceless and precious bundle of joy sparkling bright eyes, a twinkle to enjoy Soft cushioned hands, a gentle touch Infectious smile, communicate love Charming face transmit only trust Chubby cheeks, glitter as gold My sweetie, a wonder to hold Ten tiny fingers and little toes A miracle of life, affection shows  Sweetie pie, my younger […]


The experience of being outside your room looking in, would be so delightful I will see how our love blooms To find you lost and thoughtful You will write a letter and smile The correct words, oh, you won’t find You will text me a message,worthwhile Without batting a eyelash,I descry I’ll blush,when you whisper […]