Yesterday my blogger friend told me that in her country one cannot construct where one wants to and today I am reminded of her statement as soon as I saw today’s prompt.

These were her words, “Where we live there are certain areas that must be left to agriculture. You cannot build where you want to. So much space must be left for farmers. Switzerland is a small country and you must be careful what you do with the land you have.,”

I wish that was possible in our country too. Not that we don’t have rules and laws but implementation is a kind of  hypothetical term when you have abnormal population growth. Over 1.21 billion people need house and government has it’s own constraints therefore corruption rise and people tend to construct illegal colonies. The problem cannot be dealt effectively in absence of will and a strong mechanism to fight against it.dsc_4170

Illegal housing in India consists of huts or shanties built on land not owned by the residents (i.e., squatting) and illegal buildings constructed on land not owned by the builders or developers. Although illegal buildings may afford some basic services, such as electricity, in general illegal housing does not provide services that afford for healthy, safe environments. dsc_4171

The pictures above is a common sight of any big or small city. I wish there would have been sustainable development. It hurts when you see these cramped houses build without any blue print or proper planning where once used to be fertile fields full of yield. Even the hills did not remain untouched and they are bleeding due to reckless deforestation in the name of tourism and employment generation. Recently I went to one of the most beautiful hill station and was shocked to see the rapid construction going on there. It was no more that lush green valley of flowers, surrounded with tall pine and Deodar trees and waterfalls. This is what the landscape looked like.img_2706

Wish what my friend told me the other day is possible here too. For that we have to first control the population explosion. I would love to see long agricultural belts and evergreen forests in future too to maintain the ecological balance on the earth.img_2655


You can overhear someone once but surely not over and over again. It happens at WordPress only that you keep on overhearing the conversation you wish you hadn’t. I don’t want to write again about the same. I hear no evil for now.

Talking in Your Sleep

Have you ever eavesdropped on a conversation you weren’t supposed to? Tell us about a time when it was impossible not to overhear a conversation between people who didn’t know you were there. What was the conversation about? How did it make you feel?


You know what?…….

 Can you beat it?……

Ah, now I know ! My sixth sense always work you see…..

 Listen, please don’t disclose it what I shared with you……

That snobbish bitch and I trusted her so much……

Over the years I over heard above statements while people sharing the secrets in between expressing their grief, hatred, surprise, jealousy seldom happiness while traveling through public transport, sharing staff rooms or waiting for my turn at doctor’s cabin or at relatives reunions.

We both as a couple go to parties quiet often. Sometimes due to official commitments and many a times due to our personal engagements but in any case we like to meet people in social gatherings. Parties generally start in the evenings and continue till late in the night. The ambience is formal where one has to behave in a certain decorum, conversing politely, talking on general issues preferably, avoiding personal talks which is taken as a good etiquette in our get-togethers.

That week was full of social commitments with so many visits happening in the station and we were literally running from pillar to post to show our presence in all the events. Ladies were looking bored with little stamina left to stand and receive the guests, we all hoped like hell for the guests to sit and chat rather than stand and interact with all in small groups. Basically we all wanted to drop into sofas to relax for some time. One of the lady said morosely ” I guess she (the lady guest) will be in no mood to interact much and would like to sit.”  “Yeah even I think so. She must be tired after today’s sight seeing.” another one joined in.

Man proposes God disposes. It never happened. Eventually we kept on standing and smiling on jokes shared, sharing opinions on current topic discussed. Totally disconnected with the formal talks few ladies started excusing themselves for wash room. The room was big enough to accommodate couches and a sofa. I noticed that four of the ladies who went had not come back yet. I proceeded there and found these ladies speaking their hearts out. Though I restricted myself to overhear what they were talking but their giggles made me a tempted soul this time.

I over heard these ladies who were cursing their husbands for not giving sufficient time to their wives and kids. One was cribbing about not going on outings for weeks while another asked about the availability of her husband for evening walks. This one was really desperate to know when she enquired, “Are you folks doing it now a days? He comes back so tired by the time we hit bed, he is already snoring.” Oh! it was getting hot man, on the verge of getting personal so I decided to go back to join the intellectual group in the hall. Smiling in the head I stood gracefully to give my views on the topic discussed though still thinking about that dialogue which brought smiles on my face once again. 

What do you think they didn’t get time that night too? Well, party was over well in time leaving people with enough time to catch on things they had missed that week.

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