Roy G. Biv: Rainbow of Festivities & Light

Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word or image. Daily Prompt: Roy G. Biv: Rainbow of Festivities & Light


Today is the fifth and final day…….Look what I have got to share with you all !  I love traveling. Exploring the unexplored has always been my endeavor at any given opportunity. Adventure brings me the thrill. Tarun, my husband knows my passion therefore arranges these kind of trips for me where I can nuture […]

If I had a Hammer: I would repair broken hearts

Well ! Well ! Now we are gonna acquire some skills to please wordy, right? As if this the only thing which was left…. not discussed under the earth and without it our great prompts collection would not have completed. Better learn skills to be flashed on the dp grid, okay ! What does wordpress want […]

High Noon: Away from the Maddening Crowd

We took a clean break. Break from the daily routine things, break from the same mundane activities, away from the maddening crowd of city and concrete jungles of urbanization. Not that we went on a vacation to far off destination but we just took a day off, drove down 100 miles or more, left behind […]

DP Photo Challenge: My kind of Orange

What’s not to love about orange? It’s vibrant. It’s cheerful. It makes a statement. It’s the perfect punctuation for a punchy photo. Bringing you a group of photos where orange is either the dominant color, or provides a bold highlight. Here is my entry for this week’s theme punchy pops of Orange

Coins rare to see, We have ATMs: the best thing since sliced bread ?

Dig through your couch cushions, your purse, or the floor of your car and look at the year printed on the first coin you find. What were you doing that year? Where are the coins?  Not even in begging bowls ! huh ! Have you ever tried giving a coin to a beggar recently? Then […]

No,Thanks: Who wants to come here?

When I was a child I was told about heaven and hell Good spirits go to heaven and hell is evil’s dwell I would have definitely chosen hell as a place They would throw me in hot oil , let me not chase But with age I understood the secret of life Heaven and hell both are […]

Play Lexicographer- Postingography

Daily Prompt: Create a new word and explain its meaning and etymology. This is a term which you all might have known for ages Many people deal with it whose kith and kin join services They get posted to new locations after a certain time period Their biography have been known through various resources The […]

World is for me……

Dear beautiful world, I am told by wordy to write a letter to a person I wish would read my blog. Why only one? My canvas is large I would want everyone, one and all Click and read there is so much fun No room for sadness, pain I’m done

The Speaking Tree

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick? I am jack of all trades master of none Can do everything a bit, able to survive Just want to learn the art of speaking Feel like the speaking tree seeking Spirituality, spreading knowledge […]