Perspective Changes With Time

I was a wanderer who always wanted to roam and fly Climb the hills, roll on the sand, touch the blue sky Time was never an issue, we were in love, newlyweds Had all the time to walk hand in hand in the woods Decorating the walls of our abode with art and souvenirs Each […]

A Wheel Of Hope

Silence is almost over, no more dark empty streets Hope is what I visualise and see everywhere, Did the disease abet the death and disappeared ? Thank you O God for this bright colourful sight People in detention felt free, forgetting the plight Children can play, roam around day and night Glittering lamps on roadsides, […]


Lanterns, demons, vampires Trick-or-treat, door-to-door arrivals Spoooky costumes worn with grace, Ghosts, witches, skeletons, a frightful race My pumpkin ghost deserves all attention with esteem He has a haunting glare, looks very mean I m waiting with my bowl full of candies. Let them come in spooky and scary attires Monsters stalking through the Halloween […]


Yes ! we did it. Despite so many hurdles and blocks We as a nation moved ahead on a noble path If I were to encapsulate the euphoria of the nation It was the collective effort of Billion lives Spearheaded by Health workers on the ground Be it rain or sunshine we went up the […]


The sun was up bright as ever The branches were crackling with winds passing by This is what brings joy to my life With neurons singing a melodious lullaby In deep romance with myself My spirit explodes into short breath The spark of life touches my soul Remnants of imagination feel like hearth I can […]