5 Popular Myths of Coaching industry Debunked


We all know that the world has undergone significant changes. Faster than we had anticipated. It is still changing as you are reading this. It is crucial to comprehend that a new permanent normal has emerged. That is why coaching is more critical than ever and must be acknowledged. I am not wrong if I […]

Uncle Bob by Default, It’s Me

Hey ! What has happened why are you huffing and puffing? Miss, Tom and Nicky are fighting badly, boxing and kicking They were eating their tiffins, argued, shouted, now grappling Tom grabbed Nicky’s collar, Nicky brawled, both went rolling Girls passed comments, seniors hooted while juniors were clapping We  intervened but in vain, threatened them, […]

A Story For The Hearers

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Spinning Yarns.” All my stories started with ‘Once upon a time……’ Then off course I used to tell what was fine Engaging tiny tots in an imaginary world Not easy if I didn’t include what they felt Alex’s fears, Rahul’s wishes, Lucy’s dreams All weaved in delicate […]

Number nightmare

Daily Prompt:  Nightmare Job In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.   Any thing to do with numbers and I am gone All my previous jobs were good and before they could turn nightmare to me I resigned for my husband was ready […]


Daily Prompt:   Secret Admirers You return home to discover a huge flower bouquet waiting for you, no card attached. Who is it from — and why did they send it to you? One last look at the mirror……..eyeliner perfect ! Hairdo perfect ! Dress looking great ! Happy and gleeful I applied one more […]