Rains, Wind Storm and the Tree Toppled

It’s raining like cats and dogs. Thunder storms, evening showers, strong winds, toppling of  trees and bent electric polls are common in India where I live.  No doubt this is the best time around when everything turns green. Weather is so pleasant and the cool breeze blows day and night but the rains bring agony […]


Today, before I write any other post let me say THANK YOU to my friends who nominated me for the above awards. I am extremely grateful to Moses of Faction Limbo for nominating me for ‘The versatile Blogger Award’. I should have done it long back. As they say better late than never, delay just […]

Thanks for the Valuable Advice on Pets

 I was confused. Had been living with a guilt for last so many years. Guilt for not saying yes to my sons to bring a pet at home. Not that I am not an animal lover but when it comes to be a part of dog lovers community I simply don’t have the courage to […]

Hope I am not the last to write last words !

My last post…..my last post? I haven’t yet celebrated my first anniversary here ! Let me write few more…….let me write few more Among so many thanking notes and farewell speeches I’m afraid mine is one of the last post showing here Let me thank you all from the core….thank more For all the support, […]