Life is a Kaleidoscope of experiences

My life has been nothing but an experimental odeI kept on doing what was required in that moment of hopeSince childhood, I have been living out of boxesFather was a banker, then my significant half in services I could never stay for more than two years in any cantonmentThe goodbyes were no sooner than the […]

Buck Up and Rock Team India T 20 WC

When India played the opening game against arch-rivals in a T-20 game No one considered India not making the grade & losing the opening game. Sometimes you have to understand that you push ahead, there’s going to be a lot of flak, There’s going to be a lot of effort to pull the rug under […]

Why must we respect the Art and Artists

I saw an old lady with the wrinkled face Her thin, long fingers at work, holding the needle Weaving a pattern effortlessly, focused, quiet Doing embroidery she learnt from her mother Continue with the legacy of her ancestors I went close and asked the price of the finished product She smiled and said, “Pay me […]

Bucket or Spoon, Choice is Yours

God’s blessings are showering from the heaven For you and me, abundant, forever, without fail It is up to us to stand with a bucket or spoon to receive The glum-faced complains about the spoon he holds The wise feels no glitch to commute and reach fast He fills his bucket happily and bows in […]

Gone are those Days

Notebook is a thing of the past. Who maintains it? Vanished somehow Online schools are having classrooms on Google, Microsoft, Teams now Where are those students who took pride to fill them up? With their well-written essays, artistic illustrations, and maths projects Covered neatly with brown paper, index marked with page number, Now the solid […]


People do many pleasing things in the garb of love They keep on fooling themselves in the name of trust In hearts of hearts they know, it’s an arrangement Still carry the corpse of their lies and enstrangement Keep impressing the world for their compromised choices Just to be in the bubble of world belong […]


A person keeps on looking for a dream holiday Keeps working day and night, to save for exotic stay Hardly realizes that there’s no perfect holiday There’s no point waiting and plan in a grand way You can be workaholic, stoic on all week days Have a ball on weekends, soul drenched in adventure spray […]


I’m a rainbow Soul n loving adventure of life I’ve climbed mountains of adversity Squeezed every once of positivity  To ensure that world is a better place  And my sanity remains innocent as ever I’ve found that female folks are same in some manner Yet we project ourselves differently I’m equivocal for freedom of expression […]