Trio & Travel

I travel on roads with my camera and whenever there is any interesting triplet subject I press the click button. I realized over a period of time there were many pics showing three objects/ people in my archives.

Today I’m finding it so good to share all these pics fit for this week’s theme Trio 

You may also enjoy Trio of Mughal Arches, my first entry for the topic.



Three items in random

This week’s topic in Cee’s fun foto is Three Items or the Number Three. 

Here are my choices for this topic. Some of the pics were taken while I was traveling in the car therefore you may find those out of focus or blur. DSC_7809DSC_6622DSC_6879DSC_7556DSC_7641DSC_8480DSC_0538DSC_5758DSC_6870

DSC_6917DSC_5186DSC_5703DSC_7127 DSC_8518DSC_5750