Every weekend I decide not to blog, stay away from internet and laptop, no Facebook and whatsapp or any other connection with the world which requires Wi Fi. Promises are meant to be broken. Truly said in this case as I find myself glued to blogging even on Saturday and Sunday. Shhh….Saturday is my most […]

Want that Spirit Back…..

Mt spirits are low….. My soulmate is out…… For three months long exercise in deserts….. Without him I feeL lonely….. For the first time the father will be away for so long since my elder son has moved to Mumbai for higher studies I am feeling a big void in my life…. One son away […]

Best stories narrated by my Father

I was so keen to read books I was a small girl with average looks Archie’s and Marvel were among favorites Tintin entertained me during vacations As a kid my favorite was Malgudy Days I used to have fun with Hardy Boys Enid Blyton was a household name  Secret seven and Famous Five fame As […]

Who cares for Talent? All busy in Rat Race

So sad, there is no worth for a talented person,  all we want are workers, churning out presentations Corporates have huge targets. companies have to earn more profits, teachers have to give 100% result….. Children have to learn salsa, jazz, sports, music along with academics to become perfect set of kids….. Mothers have to achieve […]

Early Morning view from my lens

It is early, early morning, it’s that time when it is still dark but you know the day is coming. Blue is bleeding through black. Stars are dying. I was able to capture some of the most beautiful glimpses of nature when I woke up early to click. Fortunately this is the topic of this […]

The Early Years: As told before

Dreams, passion, agony, struggles, laughter Love, soulmate, family, mother, wife, daughter Kids, travel, camera, cooking, blogging, I’m a charmer Done with my autobiography, a tad faster. The early years were sweet, act as a reminder This is my life, my choice,  I’m the master ! My life is like anybody’s life, not very eventful So […]

Lost in Mist

A day to relax, away from the crowd With myself or just two of us around Doing nothing just admiring the clouds  Lost in mist, standing high on the mound Walking together, holding hands, go round The wind is blowing, drops of love, no sound A blissful day for me, want nothing loud No words […]

Stealing Time For Floral Kiss

Life is too short to worry, sulk and hate I have started believing this truth off late Scorching pace, burning desires, eyes blaze  Flaming world no time for peace relaxed state

Time Is Running Out

Twenty-Five Seven Good news — another hour has just been added to every 24-hour day (don’t ask us how. We have powers). How do you use those extra sixty minutes? Word press is so magnanimous today  One hour extra they gave us in a day I feel like thanking them for showing way Alas ! […]

I Want My Cake And Eat It Too

One-Way Street Congrats! You’re the owner of a new time machine. The catch? It comes in two models, each traveling one way only: the past OR the future. Which do you choose, and why? I am the owner of a new time machine It gives me both the options on the screen I can peep […]