Pretender, Me ?

I pretend or actually I’m the one, you know it better Confident of my capabilities, aware of my short comings There was never ever the need to pretend what I was not Can’t fool around myself. I have worked so hard to learn and achieve.  At times I feel I get over praise for my […]


How hard I may try  I still  feel shy  I want to leave my ego  The last thing to let go  Struggled, tried to smash Tussled to avoid ego clash  Alas ! Not succeeded  I’m so engrossed to sing  The song of “I ME MYSELF” Resentment set in, rime turf There were happy beginnings And […]

Not Tooting my own Horn….. This is ME !!!

Innocence of a child, sweetness of a pie Living life happily, contented, regret not die I want to live, experience the truth, worth a try Beautiful world, clouds, mist, rainbow and sky Deep oceans, virgin woods, nature near by  Knowledge makes me spirited soul, not a sly I am moon myself, glowing silver light in […]

Hear No Evil: Three Mystic Apes

Difficult but possible to achieve, right? Wanna peace? Follow them. Believe me if you follow three wise monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi you will enjoy your peace of mind. What are they conveying through their action? They are the pictorial maxim and together they convey the world famous principle. Speak no evil See no evil Hear no […]

Dear Leader: Be there for us

Dear Leader, Be there for us, find your ways You can be a sage, definitely not a rage If at all you guys can bring some change  Don’t try to beat around the bush, dazed Establish peace and harmony, don’t just gaze Remove disparity, save democracy, avoid haze Though you guys don’t practice what you […]

An Interview with God

It is my first interview with God. The room is pure white. White curtains are flowing. Lilies are looking so fresh. A huge white seat is fixed at the centre of the room where God is supposed to sit. I have to sit right in front of it on the white chair. God enters wearing […]

All I can think of writing few words….

 Too Big To Fail Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet). I am sick 🙁 not well. Attended a wedding last week, had viral fever, took medicines and slept for almost six hours, got up in the morning with […]

The Batman and an Indian Bird in conversation

I had a hectic schedule for last three days. Today finally I was free for a change and decided to clean my library. The sun was bright and the sky was clear. It gave me the much needed boost to finish the task quickly so that I manage to steal few minutes to write a […]

The Speaking Tree

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick? I am jack of all trades master of none Can do everything a bit, able to survive Just want to learn the art of speaking Feel like the speaking tree seeking Spirituality, spreading knowledge […]

Stealing Time For Floral Kiss

Life is too short to worry, sulk and hate I have started believing this truth off late Scorching pace, burning desires, eyes blaze  Flaming world no time for peace relaxed state