Before I get late I MUST JUMP IN ! I have been so busy for last two weeks, too many social appearances have drained me out. Finding time to blog became almost like a challenge. I barely wrote few posts just to be there but I am happy about the fact that I could manage […]

In a Crisis: Space Crunch in Mumbai

I belong to Delhi therefore I am well versed with the challenges of staying in the mega cities that too in India where population exploded and we became second most populous country after China. Last week I went to Delhi and then the following week to Mumbai for summer vacations. I could see myself dealing […]

Eat Drink and Merry: Doing it in Mumbai

Here comes the last leg of vacation. The rainbow of summer blooms look so striking. The roads of Mumbai are decked up in  Gulmohar, Bougainvilleas blooms. Time to eat,drink and merry.  I am in Mumbai to drop my elder son back to his college. He will be going to his hostel tomorrow. Vacation time is […]

Family Music Is Hit

My son no.2 plays drums and I love to listen his creations. The music he composes is wonderful. I am a music lover, a trained Indian classical dancer I love to listen Indian classical and folk music. Sorry I can’t share any video or mix tape as I am presently away from home spending time […]