Photo101 Day 4: BLISS

Bliss is s state of ecstasy. It transcends one into a world of perfect happiness, joy and calm. What kind of joy? Depends from person to person…….. To nature lover it is beautiful sunrise or dawn To a gardener it is a rose, a lush green lawn To a devotee, guru or disciple, God is […]

Thank You

Hello friends, Let me take this opportunity to show my gratitude once again. Awards makes me feel happy and inspire to work with more enthusiasm. It is time to say thanks  to Carter of Carter Vail  blog for nominating me for the Liebster Award. Though we never exchanged notes and interacted but by visiting her […]


Hello everyone, I am so happy to share this wonderful piece of information which filled me with extreme happiness and satisfaction that Yesterday evening I published my 100th post on Word Press !  When I started blogging two and a half months before I was not sure how my journey would proceed, what I would […]