Handwritten notes: Still writing

All over the world the feelings are typed and send through fancy gadgets Smart, sleek mobiles replacing the old type post-cards Presentations, on line shopping, budget and shopping Everything in platter but I still use hands to write You should ask me rather when was the last time I didn’t write by hand. Being an […]

BYOB(OOKWORM): The Cloak of Mystery

I love reading books. Books are my best friends. They entertain me, guide me, transcends me to a different world, fulfill me and direct me towards spirituality. Some religious books act as a fuel for my soul.  Few things never lose its shine and value and can be great hand-me -downs, books are one of […]

Why can’t I do both?

I love to write but where are the prompts? I love to read but where is the grid? I can feel the dissatisfaction, not only mine The fun of writing daily prompts is on decline Sick of replying senseless questions Not enough to push us, utter confusion Why can’t I read and write at the […]

Restricted Zone

Today, write a post about the topic of your choice — using only one-syllable words. This experiment sounds challenging But wait isn’t it fun that way? You mean I have to get out of my comfort zone? Seems I have to write, no I have to write in restricted tone We’ve been battling in our […]