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Trees in Natural Black and White

For this week’s Cee’s Black & White Challenge the topic is Trees.

I was waiting for this topic ! It feels good when you get an opportunity to share those pics which remain in archives for some reasons. This set of pictures are one of them I took at one of the misty mornings while we were travelling through western ghats to reach Gujrat.

It was a cold, misty day though we were comfortable in our car with heater on. We had left at the crack of dawn, though the view was beautiful but the valley was bleak, nothing was visible except the trees along with the highway railing. I took pictures and was amazed to see the absence of green and blue color. They were naturally black and white to look at.

Bare branches in Fall
Bleak light and mist effect
White mist black trees: a nature’s contrast
colors can be seen only on railing.

Looking at these pictures I realized that no one does better processing than mother nature. What’s say?

Enjoy another naturally monochrome image from Diu Islands trip. Have a good day.

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