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Bokeh in Photography

Bokeh has roots in Japan that can be defined as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light.” The word originated from the Japanese word boke which means “haze” or “blur.” [BO – KEH].) That’s what Google search says about Bokeh photography.

Now the next obvious question is how to create the Bokeh effect in photography and why one should use this technique. Well, It is just one of the effects used to make the pictures interesting, differently presented, and to add some style quotient to your picture background.

The Grass blade in focus

Blurring the background looks appealing in nature and gives a feel of professional-looking images. Bokeh pops up the subject and further emphasizes your photo for striking visuals.

“As a photographer, and an artist in general, you want to have a message,” says photographer Grace Rivera. Bokeh does that for you. Creating bokeh photos requires research, knowledge of tools, and practice, and you can show your expertise as well as control as a sound photographer. Hopefully, I shall be able to bring satisfactory bokeh results one day and hone up my skills.

fern leaf in the background

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