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Today everyone seems to avoid traditional foods and insist to have fruits, cereals to kick start the day. Perhaps health conscious people are made to think that way by so called dietitians and doctors who get good commissions from companies for promoting their wellness/ healthcare packages. 

I understand the benifits of fruits and protein shakes but don’t you think they are overestimated whereas local breads, parathas, traditional dishes  are highly underestimated. 

I have seen my grandmother relishing everything right from fried snacks to puddings and pakoras till she died at 87. In fact she used to love pizza ! Mind you she was hale and hearty when she died. She didn’t had high/ low blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol issues. 

She never had corn flakes or oats in the morning. Instead she used to have rawa( broken wheat) daila etc. for breakfast. When fresh, unpolished rice/wheat is available then why to go for pacaked Kellog’s products like musli, oats or corn flakes. 

Same in the case of my grandfather and maternal grandparents. They all lived above 85, enjoyed a healthy life and had natural death because of aging and not because of diseases or heart attack. 

I firmly believe that we must not underestimate the advantage of consuming local food available in the region rather than buying cold storage fruits and vegetables. The farm fresh has got more nutrients than canned or packed products. 

So next time when you go around your neighborhood food joints, enjoy a crispy pakora or indulge in stuffed paratha topped with fresh butter or litti chokha without any guilt. 

This is the kind of food our earlier generations ate and remained active. At the same time we have to do physical work also, not in the gym but at home like our grandparents.  Walk and climb. Bend and squat to burn calories. 

Do not become slaves of technology. Consume farm fresh to extract maximum nutrition and forget about those expensive supplements. 

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