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This Shimla-Kalka toy train, The Shivalik Express is one of the most defining and sought-after travel experiences. The Shimla-Kalka Toy Train stretch is a UNESCO World Heritage property. The 96 km long track goes through more than a hundred tunnels, 800 bridges and viaducts.  Built in 1903, this toy train ride is one of India’s most incredible feats of engineering covering a staggering 102 tunnels, 864 bridges and 919 stunning curves.

The track meanders through lush green mountains, scenic, misty views, while you admire the most scenic landscape, sitting by the window. The most awe-inspiring stretches are along the Kaushalya river, Koti, Barog, Kanoh, and Jabli. The Barog tunnel is the longest one that takes about three minutes to cross. The Barog railway station is very clean, less crowded and also very well-maintained.

 Location: Shimla station is 19 km from Sterling Kufri. Some interesting facts:

This orange transport is for Jude’s blog Life in colour –Orange

Here’s my entry for A photo a week challenge: Vibrant

Gulmohar tree in full bloom

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